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The Client Expectations

business man deep in thoughtThe best way to accomplish our goals is by accomplishing our clients expectations.

To give the clients what he wants, first we must know what his expectations are, and this answer may be unexpected for some, he doesn’t want a first class design or top notch service, both are important and must be taken for granted, but not the real objective, not for him, he wants to sell.

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What is your goal as a freelancer?

Going tourist in the trailwayFreedom, a bunch of money in the bank, show that you are the best, what is your goal?

This is a question every freelancer must have an answer, because there is something that make us take the way of being a freelancer. Is a need or a choice? What makes you start freelancing? Is the need of bring home the bacon each night? Or maybe you make it to have some extra cash,

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Giving An Extra Mile To Clients, A Benefit Or A Pitfall?

desert street

(Published first on Amber Weinberg Design Blog If you are asked for your worst clients, you could easily give me a handful. Most surely you will say “I’ll work with them no more, because they are hard to deal with, don’t want to pay, don’t appreciate your work,”and a thousand other things that make

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