What is your goal as a freelancer?

This is a question every freelancer must have an answer, because there is something that make us take the way of being a freelancer.

Is a need or a choice?

What makes you start freelancing? Is the need of bring home the bacon each night? Or maybe you make it to have some extra cash, or is the best way to show that you can do better at your own, also can be that you know that you are good enough to make a living out of this or even the start of a big firm or enterprise, making 6 or 7 figure income.

There are some types of jobs that being a freelancer is the natural way to do it, like a novel writer, and there are some others, but our interest is about all that once had a regular job and switch to the freelance world.

I my case for 11 years had a regular job in a design studio, doing everything that must be done from magazine layouts, flash animation, add designs, HTML. That gives me secured income but not only enough to cover my basic needs, so I started to do some freelance work, that just not only put more money in my pockets but also allow me to do work that I wanted to do but don’t have the chance to do it at the office, logos, labels and brochures where done at night for a couple of years.

With the time I manage to have some steady clients and took in early 2009 the way of full time freelancing, as any task at the start was a bit hard but in this short period of time I can say that I have made a good choice.

But not all the cases are like mine, many freelancers take that way to have artistic freedom, make what they love to do and have no one telling them if that is right or wrong, believe me is frustrating to have someone over your shoulder saying “I don’t like that” or “that is not the way I like it”.

Some people jumps right into the freelancing business right after finish their studies, some don’t even finish their careers to do it!

The purpose

Ok, you already had jumped into the boat, what do you want to archive? Shaw the world you are the best? Fill your pockets with money? Or work at house with loafers an your pajamas all day long sipping coffee while having a business that pay the bills?

The first two are good reasons, but if you chose the third one you may be in trouble! We can agree that in freelancing the “free” part has a weight, freedom to do thing your way, to chose the projects you like, to charge at you own defined rates and so on. But you must realize that is a limit to the “free” part, even nobody will make you wear a uniform, or a suit and tie, you cannot go to a meeting with a client with a t-shirt and flip-flops on, or setting a work schedule that start pass midday, you must do things at your own way but making them taking care that your clients may be common enterprises that work regular “business hours”.

The goal

I will not tell you what your goal will or must be, that is for you to decide, but I can advise you that no matter how big or small you goal is give your best to reach it, set short and long term goals, be realistic, keep your feet on the ground and you will get it!

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