Keeping both feet on the ground

Many times we tend to dream, I can dare to say that freelancers are dreamers and that is not wrong at all, we dream of be best in our line of work, to be somebody important in our field. For me as a freelance designer sometimes dream of being like Massimo Vignelli and design for big companies creating astounding products, logos and more, also I dream to create a font so good and timeless as Helvetica and everybody using it to their work, but that is only dreaming and my dreams as everybody else’s will never be real without hard work, real, serious hard work.

And I’m not talking about draw a big bunch of logos to show to the client so he can choose one, because he can end up choosing the one that is less ugly, you can be lucky that one of those proposals just hit the target but remember that even a broken clock has the right time twice a day.

For a logo designer the hard work starts way before having a client, the work is to be prepared to do the job, knowing the psychology of color, knowing about symbols and their significance and educating yourself in good taste and simplicity, logos must be simple, unique and eye catching, when you have learned the skills you are prepared to do the job, then you will not give the client a bunch of meaningless proposals, you will give him the fruit of real hard work.

Now you can say “I have done that already” many year of training and experience and you can feel prepared and your work is well done, well executed and meaningful, but you must ask yourself at this point is this what my client want? Is this meaningful to him? Do I really fulfill his needs? Then you will see that there is something else! You must also learn to hear and understand your client; you must make a marriage between your skills and the needs of your client or your boss.

The need of preparation and mastering skills is essential for every freelancer or employee, the hard work in the prep of any job shows how professional you are, that is the way to make your dreams a reality, which is the path you will follow with both feet on the ground.

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