The Client Expectations

To give the clients what he wants, first we must know what his expectations are, and this answer may be unexpected for some, he doesn’t want a first class design or top notch service, both are important and must be taken for granted, but not the real objective, not for him, he wants to sell.

Yes, selling is not just about products, we can also sell services or even someone’s image, an image campaign is also a way of selling.

To reach the goal of selling we must learn how to sell, we must know a bit of marketing, in my particular case more than once the client had asked me about my marketing knowledge, we don’t need a marketing degree to sell, but is very important to know the essential, a web designer must know about on-line marketing, e-mail campaigns, not just the tech part about coding but also about white hat marketing and the rules to avoid turning your campaign into just spam. We must know that we sell giving good information, showing the product in the best way possible, doing a good promotion, that are some of the ways we use to help the client selling his product, service or image.

In graphic design that is my field of work I must do what is needed to make the product attractive, highlight his pros and transmit the message, in resume make it an eye candy.

When you end up the project and deliver it to your client do you think you have accomplished your client expectations? Have you given him the tool to sell that he needs? Is your hard work the start of something big for him? Will it make him come back or just run away from you? Think it real hard, by accomplishing your clients expectations you are also accomplishing yours.

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